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The second session salon of “High throughput sequencing + gene sequencing industry of big data application”


Precision Medicine is the hot spot of current medical industry which is also the key subject of ChinaMinistry of Science and Technology. Chinese government advocates the precision medicine based on the gene sequencing. In order to facilitate the industrial upgrade and to promote the match of capital and corporations, CMBA held thethe first session high-end salon with the theme of “High throughput sequencing + gene sequencing industry of big data application”.on July, 8thin Beijing,60 attendees from 40 units joined the event and gave high feedbacks for the salon.


CMBA will hold the second session salon of high throughput sequencing and gene sequcing industry of big data application onAugust, 8thin Shanghai. Experts from research organizations, representatives from industrial companies and capital corporations will be warmly welcomed to join the event to discuss theapplication and R&D of frontier technology, resolution of entrepreneur development etc. and construct high-end industrial cooperative circle, providing communication opportunities for investors.


If you like to join the meeting, please give your feedback to CMBA via the email of Zhangcw@cmba.org.cn.