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China (Shandong) International Biological Medicine Industry Expo 2015


“China (Shandong) International Biological Medicine Industry Expo” boasts a unique grand exposition for pharmaceuticals companies, biotechnology companies, CMO, CRO, academic institutions and cooperative partners worldwide to gather together and discuss the latest development trend, partnership and solutions of pharmaceutical industries.

Being the largest medicine industry exposition, many meetings, submit meetings and free seminars will be held at the scheduled time. And a number of products and services from leading CMO, CRO, pharmaceuticals enterprises, biotechnology companies and service providers, as well as many innovation research achievements of pharmaceuticals enterprises, biotechnology companies and research institutions will be displayed. The exposition will cover the overall value chain in pharmaceutical industry with participation of over 30,000 professional purchasers, dealers, agents, chain drugstores and hospitals.

Special Reports

1. Status and trend of international pharmaceutical technology innovation
2. New generation gene detection technology and resident health data management
3. Combination of traditional Chinese medicine and biotechnology
4. Medicine research and development direction and investment and financing management in health era


1. Pharmaceutical technology: pharmaceutical synthetic reaction; pharmaceutical extractions, separation and purification
technology; biological fermentation technology, etc.
2. Preparation technology: preparation technology for tablet, pill, injection, etc.
3. Drug quality testing method: quality testing technology for UV and infrared spectrophotometry, and quality testing
technology for gas chromatography and high performance liquid chromatography.
4. Modern pharmaceutical technology: macroporous resin technology; ion exchange resin technology; membrane
separation technology; clarification technology, etc.
5. Research on clean technology of lab and factory.
6. Warehousing and Logistics.
7. Drug packaging and pharmaceutic adjuvant.
8. Wastewater and solid waste treatment technology.

1. Discussion of registration and approval policy for new drugs and generic drugs
2. Development prospect of marine biological medicine
3. Investment and financing strategy of small and medium size R&D enterprise
4. Analysis on innovation strategy and core advantage of pharmaceutical technology
5. Development strategy and investment attraction supportive policy of local industry park

Technical Transformation and Business Cooperation

1. Financial service session of small and medium size enterprises
2. Achievement transformation of pharmaceutical technology and technical cooperation negotiation
3. Issue of entrepreneurship policy for industrial parks

Organized by:
China Medicinal Biotechnology Association Shanghai Jingcheng Exhibition Services Co., Ltd.
Shandong Pharmaceutical Industry Association Jinan Bo Shang Exhibition Co., Ltd.
Jinan Municipal People’s Government

Supported by:
Chinese Pharmaceutical Enterprises Association
National Institutes for Food and Drug Control
Institute of Medicinal Biotechnology Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences
National Vaccine & Serum Institute
Shanghai BioPharmaceutics Industry Association