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The Seventh China Medicinal Biotech Forum


Time: 2015 Oct.21-23

Venue: Hefei city, Anhui province, China

Scale: 500 persons

Host: China Medicinal Biotech Association (CMBA)

Co-organizer:  Shanghai Biopharmaceutics Industry Association

                         Beijing Sinobioway Group Co., Ltd.

In recent years, China bio-pharmaceutical industry grows rapidly. Many provinces issue policies that facilitate the development of bio-pharmaceutical industry, encouraging the establishment of specialized industrial parks. Private investment enthusiasm has been arisen. The progress of stem cells, antibodies, gene sequencing and other areas brings us tremendous reverie. The launching of precision medicine plan in U.S. set off another round of global biotech boom.


Recently, the NHFPC and CFDA jointly propagate the survey of The Method of Stem Cell Clinical Research Management (Tentative) that the formal version would be expected to been issued soon. Under this trend, the Seventh China Medicinal Biotech Forum will be held through October 21 to 23, 2015 which will be located in Hefei city of China near the Huang Mountain.


The officials and experts from relevant affiliations will be invited to analyze the China stem cell clinical management policies. Special Symposium focused on cell therapy management policy will also be organized. Officials and experts for cellular drug evaluation from U.S., Canada, South Korea and other countries will discuss cell therapy administration with China officials face to face, to jointly move the management of China cell therapy forward. Additionally, renowned speakers in cell therapy, antibodies, gene sequencing and precision medical care will do wonderful speech.


China Medicinal Biotech Forum is a representative pharmaceutical and medical biotechnology conference which is held every two years. It has been successfully held six sessions. The National Academic forum for Ph.D. (Drug) will be held at the same time that attendees can participate in both events. All distinguished guests are welcome to join the grand event.

Merchants Information:

Contact:   Mr. TIAN Hong Jian

Tel: +(86 10)62115986 ext 613, (86 10) 13811880017

E-mail: tianhj@cmba.org.cn

Fax: +(86 10) 62115976

Fee Information:

Category               Before Oct.1         After Oct.1 

General Guests       ¥ 1600 RMB         ¥ 2000 RMB

CMBA Member        ¥ 1200 RMB         ¥ 1600 RMB

Students                 ¥ 800 RMB             ¥ 1200 RMB


Beneficiary: China Medicinal Biotech Association

Bank: Bank of China branch in Beijing Hong Kong Macau Center

Account number: 324 656 017 253

* Please specify "7th China Medicinal Biotech Forum" at the time of transfer

Conference content

 (A) Main Forum

1. China 13th five-year-plan and the development of bio-pharmaceutical industry

2. Analysis of stem cell clinical research management approach

3. Genetic diagnosis industry: prospects and orientation

4. Key biological similar techniques of drug R&D

5. The bio-economy theory and its practice

(B) Sub-forums

1. Antibody Drug Research Development Forum

    Sponsor: Professional Committee of Monoclonal Antibody, CMBA

2. Cell Therapy Management Forum

    Sponsor: Industry Development and Policy Research Branch, CMBA (tentative)

                  Translational Medicine Branch, CMBA (tentative)

3. The Gene Sequencing and Gene Editing Technology Research and Application     Forum

    Sponsor: Committee of Biomedical Information Technology, CMBA

4. Computer Assisted Drug Design Forum

    Sponsor: Biomedical Information Technology Branch, CMBA

5. Regenerative Medicine Forum

    Sponsor: Professional Committee of Regenerative Medicine, CMBA

6. Precision Medical Forum

    Sponsor: Precision Medical Branch (tentative)

(C) Concurrent Activities

1. The 2015 National Academic forum for Ph.D. (Drug)

Sponsor: The Institute of Medicinal of Biotechnology (IMB), Chinese Academy of               Medical Sciences & Peking Union Medical College

2. The Second Council Meeting of the fifth board, China Medicinal Biotech               Association

3. Inaugural Meeting: The New Branches of China Medicinal Biotech Association

(D) Exhibition:

The new research, equipment and other shows.

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