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Beijing Biomedicine Forum is coming


Date: May 21-23, 2015

Venue: China National Convention Center, Beijing, China

Organizers: China Medicinal Biotech Association

                    Chinese Pharmaceutical Enterprises Association

                    China Life Science Research & Development Foundation

                    Beijing Huaniu biotechnology Research Institute

Contact:   Li Cheng, Wang Yanling +(86 10)61824294

                 E-mail: service@bjbmf.org

                 Fax:+(86 10)61824286

                 Chinese official website: http://www.bjbmf.org/

The second session of Beijing Biomedicine Forum will be held on May 21st– 23rd, 2015. CMBA and other three organizers co hold the event which mainly focuses on oriental and western medical technological combination, medical industrial pattern innovation and technological program docking. Representatives from successful medical enterprises, venture companies, oriental-western related government, celebrated research institutes and multinational enterprises are invited to talk how to refer the western advanced (especially the U.S.) pattern of industrial development to construct oriental-western open cooperation platform, exploring an path that is suitable for promoting the medical R&D and technical upgrading. The pattern is especially related to medical industrial technology, high level elite, core mode of advanced management and capital combination.


Meanwhile, the forum will construct seamless docking platform for oriental-western medical industry. Near 100 international transfer programs will be published in the forum involving gene engineering, cell engineering, protein engineering, fermentation engineering,T2DM etc. For detail, please browse the Chinese official website: http://www.bjbmf.org/.