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CMBA sets up standardization committee


October 25, 2016, CMBA holds Conference of Establishment of the CMBA Standardization Committee in Tonglu, Zhejiang province.


All along, in order to improve the level of quality management of Chinese pharmaceutical biotechnology, CMBA has carried out the implementation of establishing standards and industry self-regulation which achieves good social effects. The industrial self-discipline of newborn bovine serum production has set up the standards of production plant, equipment, production management documents etc. to fill the gaps in the lack of official supervision departments, gaining good praise from relevant government departments, institutions and enterprises; The series standard of allograft bone repair material which is set up by CMBA Bone Bank branch has been risen as the industry standard; With the efforts of CMBA Tissue Specimens Bank Branch and the support of the National Standardization Committee, National Technological Committee of Standardization of Biological Specimen Library was established which represents becoming national standards.

At present, the members and branches of CMBA are very active and have initiative to carry out standardization related work which means the standardization demand has increased. Decided by the CMBA council meeting of the fourth Executive Council, the CMBA Standardization Committee will be responsible for research and making standardization procedures, rules and standards of the project approval and its approval etc.