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The 8th National Biotherapy Convention takes place in Anhui


August 12th, 2016, The 8thNational Biotherapy Convention takes place in Bantang Biotechnology Experimental Zone of Hefei Chaohu Economy & Technology Developmental zone, Anhui province. It is organized by CMBA and co-organized bythe Professional Committee of ClinicalApplication, CMBA, Sinobioway Group Co., Ltd. and Sinohepo Biomedical Tech Co., Ltd.


Well-known biotherapy experts attend the opening ceremony such asWu Zuze,theAcademician of Chinese Academy of Sciences,Hao Xishan,Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, Yang Xiaomin, the president of Sinobioway Group Co., Ltd. and the vice president of CMBA, Wang Aihua, the director of Chaohu Economy & Technology Developmental zone. There are totally more than 300 experts, professors, medical practitioner and researchers within the field join the event.


The opening ceremony is hosted by Wu Zhaohui, the general-secretary of CMBA. Mr. Hao Xishan gives the remarks to welcome and appreciation to the participants. Mr. Wu Zuze and Mr. Hao Xishan give keynote speaking concerning regenerative medicine and tumor precision medicine. Song Xiaotong, the chief scientist of Sinobioway cellular therapy and Zhai Zhimin from Anhui Medical University give keynote speaking about CAR-T technology and CD19-CAR-T cell technology. The listeners give high grade about the speeches.


Besides that, In the afternoon of August 11th, sub-forum of immune cell is held; In the evening, the seminar themed “The opportunity and challenge of Chinese cellular therapy industry” is held.


Currently, there is not clear guideline for cell therapy. In order to promote the self regulatory development of the industry, CMBA surveyed the members and received the clear requirement from the enterprises. Beyond that, CMBA lead the experts and companies to make the Self Regulatory Guideline of Quality Control of Stem Cell Preparation and the Self Regulatory Guideline of Quality Control of Cell Preparation.


The convention takes 3 days and includes 30 lectures. The participants have hilarious discussion. It have a positive influence to the development of cellular therapy industry.