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The first session of Precision Medicine Salon was held in Beijing


On July, 8th, CMBA holds the first session high-end salon with the theme of “High throughput sequencing + gene sequencing industry of big data application”. There are 60 attendees from 40 unitsincluding Industrial experts from Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences and representatives from CaptitalBIo medical test, Novogenes, Boze Assets.CDH Investments, Dell etc.


Ms. Li Shaoli, vice-president of CMBA gives a opening remarks; representatives share experiences surrounding the topics of application and industrial development ofhigh throughput sequencingtechnology, horizon ofgene sequencing industry of big data application and resolution of big precision medicine data, exchanging ideas relevant to application and R&D of frontier technology, resolution of entrepreneur development; capital investors and representatives have deep communication. The salon has gained appraise from attendees who express their willing to attend the future salons.