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2015 Top 10 China Medicinal Biotech Progresses unveiled


CMBA and Journal of China Medicinal Biotech co hold the activity of “2015 Top 10 China Medicinal Biotech Progress Election. On Jan. 8th, 2016, the meeting of 2015 Top 10 China Medicinal Biotech Progress is held in Qingdao city, Shandong province, and the top 10 progress is unveiled. 3 academician of China Academy of Sciences or Engineering attend the event represents the expert judges.

Biological industry is one of the seven strategic industries that the election of Top 10 China Medicinal Biotech Progress can record and clarify the developmental progress of industry to familiar the trend. Through the first phase of public reference, 41 candidates progresses were selected and then be voted by internet and Wechat channel. After almost 10,000 votes and experts evaluation, the top 10 2015 progress of medicinal biotech industry has come out.

The top 10 progress are:

1.     China independent innovation national class 1 Sabin inactivated polio vaccine listed

2.     China independent innovation national class 1 EV71 (HFMD) vaccine Listed

3.     China has made important progress independently in oral vaccine against helicobacter pylori

4.     China independently developed recombinant Ebola vaccine into foreign clinical studies

5.     China independent innovation national 1.1 modified class humanized antibody treatment of non-small cell lung cancer comes into clinical study

6.     China independently developed immunoassay new point PD-1 antibody drug goes into clinical study and gains internationally recognizing

7.     China independent developed corneal tissue engineering products officially put into manufacturing

8.     China "Stem Cell Clinical Research Management Method (tentative)" promulgated

9.     China " Technical guidelines of development and evaluation of Bio-similar drug (tentative)" promulgated

10.  Custom gene editing dog