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Affiliates' Name


The Professional Committee of Quality Control

Wang Junzhi

The Professional Committee of Clinical Application

Hao Xishan

Committee of the Vaccines

Yang Xiaoming

Professional Committee of Monoclonal Antibodies

Chen Zhinan

Professional Committee of Regenerative Medicine

Wu Zuze

Branch of Biological Diagnostic Technology

Li Yintai

Biochip Branch

Cheng Jing

Biopharmaceutical Technology Branch

Luo Guoan

Bone bank Branch

Lu Shibi

Tissue specimens bank Branch

Gao Hengjun

Biomedical Information Technology Branch

Wang Zhixin

Nanobio Technology Branch

Zhang Yangde

Committee of Enzyme Engineering and Fermentation Engineering

Si Shuyi

Committee of Laboratory Biosafety

Wang Qiudi

Computer Assisted Surgery Technology Branch

Tian Wei

Electrocardiology Technology Branch

Guo Jihong

Technology Branch of Dietary Fiber

Geng Jingzhong

Gene Therapy Branch

Liu Depei

Committee of Biological Products

Feng Duojia

  Precision Medicine Branch

   Qian Qijun

  Branch of Research for Industrial Development and Policy

   Pan Aihua

  Translational Medicine Branch

   Li Jicheng

  Branch of Cardiovascular Surgical Techniques and Engineering

   Sun Lizhong