Location:About CMBA - Mission
(1) Conducts industry investigation and reports timely members¡¯ needs to relative Government departments, provides comments and suggestions on the development and legislation of industry.

(2) Participates in research and establishment the relevant laws and regulations, macro-regulation and industry policies. Makes and revises industry standards, development planning and access requirements. Improves industry management and promotes industry development.

(3) Defends the rights and benefits of members according to law. Improves the self-management system and strengthens self-discipline, and standardizes behaviors of its members.

(4) Holds seminars, trade fairs, exhibitions and training courses based on development demand of market and business, conducts international academic exchanges and technical cooperation in order to promote translation, industrialization and application of achievements of China¡¯s medical and pharmaceutical biotechnology.

(5) Sponsors journals and websites, collects and releases news about industry trend to provide information services for members.

(6) Accepts assignments from government departments, undertakes the work from members and industries, provides consulting services about policies, technologies and market trend.